CCLI is committed to serving the church and encouraging the spirit of worship…that’s why we’re so excited about CCLI TV! There’s a lot here for worship leaders, worship band members, worship vocalists, and anyone else interested in great worship resources.

Open Mic

“Where can we find fresh new worship songs?” At CCLI, we hear this question a lot. And now, we’re able to provide a great new resource: Open Mic. We know that there are a LOT of great songs born in the churches, but not yet on our list of CCLI’s top songs. Open Mic gives you an opportunity to hear and see some of these great songs…coming straight from the churches themselves.

All writers and songs have been registered with CCLI, so you can legally use them in your worship sets, under the coverage of your Church Copyright License.INstruct

There are a LOT of aspects to leading worship effectively and building/developing worship teams.

The idea for INstruct is to provide a brief, focused video workshop on a single topic related to worship leading, worship teams, musicianship, etc. In addition, many of the writers and artists of your favorite new worship songs have created “Learning The Song” videos, which demonstrate chord patterns, voicings, fingerings, etc.


Here’s another great resource for new worship music…from the companies, artists, and writers you recognize and trust. And maybe a new face and a fresh sound along the way.

Come back often and check out all the new videos!


Every song has a story. And many of those stories have been captured on video by the writers and artists themselves. And watch for other inspiring videos as well…worship devotionals, heartfelt sharing from writers and artists and other powerful moments of worship that are meant to be shared.